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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, oakland police are investigating at least two cases of nooses found hanging on city work trucks. students are back in class days after the 6.0 quake rocked the region. and a train got stuck in the transbay tube on b.a.r.t. good afternoon. i'm john sasaki in for tori campbell. city workers in oakland
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with dealing with a shocking discovery after a noose was found hanging on a work vehicle. brian flores is live with more. >> reporter: several city employees as well as the interim city administrator finished a two-hour meeting that concluded two hours ago here at the city of oakland municipal service center where they talked about what happened last night and both say it's completely unacceptable. want to go to pictures taken of a noose. according to city carpenters, they were returning here after working overtime. when they arrived, they found a noose hanging. the employees that work here are carpenters, painters and mechanics for the city. several employees say there's racial tension within the service center. it's been going on for qot some time and it has to stop. >> there's no way in the world we can go out and service the community and give the
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citizens of oakland their due service with this things like this going on within the city of oakland. >> reporter: another member of local 1021 tells ktvu that at about four months ago, another noose was discovered in a file cabinet in one of the offices here as well. now, during the meeting this morning, these employees met personally again with interim citi administrators henry gardner. he believes somebody who works here planted it there and there is evidence of racial tension and it will be addressed accordingly. >> i take this very seriously, that there is an investigation underway. it will be vigorous. it will be thorough. it will be complete. and there will be severe consequences if we can identify who put it there. >> reporter: now, gardner also says that 80% of the meeting today was also to address employee concerns of a lack of promotion and training. the city administrator says that will be addressed vigorously. now, in terms of oakland police, as we take it back out here live, a couple of cruisers
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did show up here, they took the noose into evidence and they will be conducting an investigation today. we are live in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thanks. in san francisco there is a new program helping undocumented workers get free representation as they fight deportation. the program was offered by david chu. he says the city will provide 100,000 of pro bono help for immigrant children facing deportation. there are more than 2,000 children facing deportation proceedings in the city without the help of a lawyer. >> this country, we build, we argue that we're proud to be americans because there is a due process system. these children were not being afforded that. >> an estimated 57,000 minors from central america have been caught trying to cross the border since october. this is the first program of its kind in california and is expected to help children seeking asylum to escape violence in their own
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countries. crews worked long hours prepping napa valley schools and removed dumpsters from school dumpsters. classes resumed for the first time since sunday's earthquake. katie utehs spoke with students and joins us live to tell us how the district is helping students still struggling. katie? >> reporter: john, we're at the one school that's still closed. it's very obvious why. you can see the split along the parking lot here at stone bridge school. many of the students that we've talked to, they don't even know of loma prieta. they were not old enough or not even born, rather, when the major earthquake struck. this is very traumatic for them, some of the most traumatic events any of them have been through. with that in mind, the district is trying to help them cope. the familiar sound of school.
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and the sight of familiar faces is what many napa students need. >> i was excited to see people and to make sure they were okay. >> reporter: sunday's 6.0 quake rattled the earth and their world. >> i still think it will shake. i haven't been sleeping well. >> it was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. >> reporter: all napa valley schools with the exception of stonebridge are deemed structurally sound. >> they are in the safest place they can. >> i like going to school. i'm okay with it. another day of school. >> reporter: but it didn't start like other days. teachers allowed students to talk about their experiences. >> not much stuff fell from our house. but we've been sleeping outside just in case another one comes, we would be prepared. >> i was very moved at the compassion that everyone had. no one made jokes. >> reporter: because a destructive earthquake can teach one of life's most important lessons.
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>> get close to your family and friends because you don't know when you will lose them. >> reporter: stonebridge may open as early as next week. at napa high school they tell me they were expecting low attendance numbers but that turned out to not be the case. they only had a few parents call in saying their students were at home helping with the cleanup. they were pleasantly surprised attendance looks good today. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. here is a list of the new dumpster locations -- fire station 5 at first and laurel street, the las flores community center and at a vacant lot on third street. at 11:57 a 2.7 aftershock was reported in the area. crews in napa are working around the clock to repair water mains damaged during sunday's big quake. about 100 water lines are still broken which means 400 homes don't have water. in the browns valley neighborhood, people are using anything they can to get by including water from pools.
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>> garbage cans in the back of the truck, filling them up with water to run the toilets, taking showers elsewhere. >> many homes are red tagged in browns valley. for people without water, there's two water filling stations on pearl street and at the las flores center. east may bud is assisting in the repair of broken mains. the resources are overwhelmed. other crews helping out include the alameda county water district and the contra costa water district. we're hearing a 13-year-old boy nearly killed in the quake. nicholas dylan describes his experience from his hospital bed. he was having a sleepover with a friend when they fell asleep in the living room. his napa home. his friend was sleeping on the couch when the 6.0 quake hit. nicholas was on the floor near the fireplace. >> started calling to get to the door and just as i put my right knee on the floor, the
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chimney collapsed. >> i stumbled forward and i -- i was screaming for my mom's name and was trying to get to me. i couldn't feel my legs or my back at first. >> he's now listed in fair condition and went through a ten-hour operation to repair his pelvis and back. the oakland raiders are expected to make a major donation to help napa recover. later today, willie brown will present a$50,000 check to be shared by the school district and the red cross. the raiders hold training camp redwood every year. of course, we'll have more coverage of the earthquake throughout the day on air and online at new details on what san francisco police are calling a suspicious death in the bernal heights neighborhood. they now say it's a homicide.
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officers arrested a 45-year-old man. firefighters found a 42-year- old woman's body in a home on peralta avenue yesterday morning after responding to a medical call. they say someone in the house called 911. police haven't said how that individual died. a man suffered life- threatening injuries in a shootout in downtown san francisco. police say two groups met on fifth and market before 8:00 last night and shots were fired from both sides. one man was hit in the torso and hand. he was taken to sf general hospital. four people were arrested. anyone who witnessed the shootout is asked to call police. it was another long commute for b.a.r.t. riders after a train broke down in a transbay tube. the train stopped just before 9:30 this morning, about a mile from the embarcadero station. that caused 20-minute delays for riders heading into san francisco from the east bay. port officials say there was an electrical problem which left all of the passengers in the dark. >> that's normal. that's part of the resetting process.
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we would need to turn everything off and then back on to see what train car it is. >> one rider told ktvu there was also the smell of burning rubber on the train. the train was taken out of service shortly after the breakdown. yesterday even's b.a.r.t. commute faced serious delays. after 5:00, trains were being single tracked past walnut creek on the baypoint/pittsburg line. that was after a piece of the train wheel was found on damaged tracks north of the pleasant hill station. b.a.r.t. ordered a complete shutdown of service between walnut creek and concord. it took more than an hour for limited service to be rae stored. oakland police are looking for a possible arsonist after a brush fire. it happened about 4:00 near el centro. investigators say this is the same area where several suspicious fires were set earlier this summer. the bay area woman known as the serial stowaway has been arrested once again. 62-year-old marilyn hartman was taken into custody yesterday morning at phoenix sky harbor airport. police say she was found in a
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public area of the terminal near the baggage claim. last week she was caught trying to pass through a security checkpoint at sky harbor and was ored to stay -- ornded to stay away from -- ordered to stay away from the airport. for the first time, we're hearing from the american journalist held hostage for nearly two years. a warming trend is underway. steve paulson will be here to tell you how warm it will get. and big waves in southern california as residents brace for high surf and possible flooding as hurricane marie passes by the coast. welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink!
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where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. about an hour ago a disabled tanker ship sailed through the golden gate for repairs. the chemical tanker was damaged by a fire two weeks ago. that fire killed a crew member and left the power without power. it became stranded off the coast of oregon. the pilot of a fighter jet is missing. it went down near deerfield, virginia before 9:00 a.m. local time. authorities found the plane. no sign of the pilot. they say the pilot reported an
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in-flight emergency before it went down. a witness told authorities they say someone jump from the plane with a parachute. the plane was being flown from massachusetts to a base in virginia for a system upgrade. the american journalist freed over the weekend is now speaking out for the first time. he arrived at his mother's home last night. here's kyla campbell with more. >> reporter: he's overcome with emotion knowing how many people tried to free him from captivity. >> i've learned bit by bit there have been hundreds of people, brave, determined and big-hearted people working for my release. >> reporter: curtis told reporters he needs to bond with his family and he couldn't answer their questions at that point. curtis spent 22 months as a hostage of an al qaeda-linked group in syria. the government of qatar negotiated his release and said they did not pay a ran some.
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>> we're learning more about americans being held by militants who beheaded james foley last week. they also threatened to kill another american journalist. his mother appeared on television begging aisle sis to let her son live. plus isis is holding a 26-year- old american aide worker hostage. her family has not released her name fearing for her safety. in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. lawmakers are set to vote on a first-of-its-kind piece of legislation that could define sexual consent. it would require all universities and colleges that receive funds for student assistance. they say silence or lack of resistance would not constitute consent. supporters say it would not
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only help attacks but make it easier for victims to come forward. opponents say the bill goes too far, is too complicated and would lead to more litigation. big water users in san francisco such as universities and shopping centers faced tough new penalties if they don't reduce outdoor water usage. the new rules take effect october 1st. there's separate meters for irrigation and indoor water use. that includes homeowners associations, and the city's rec department. if the customers don't cut back by 10%, they will see their rates double for any overage. the antioch city council approved a resolution making clear that four specific wasteful water practices are banned. they are filling decorative lakes and ponds that don't recircate. using water to wash off patios or other hard services. overwatering where the water is rushing down the street or
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using hoses to wash cars without a shutoff nozzle. the proposal also asks for a report on water use by each department. dave cortez says if the government asks people to stop watering lawns, the government needed to do their part. a category 2 hurricane off the coast of mexico is bringing big swells to california. while it may look like a surface paradise from this -- surfers' paradise, experts say it could turn into the most dangerous surf in years. residents in newport beach and long beach are stocking up on sandbags for possible flooding. and the pictures coming in from southern california on twitter are pretty incredible. there's some huge waves coming in. we have clear skies except from about point reyes north. there's fog holding on there. but south of that, it's mostly clear. the fog didn't make much of an
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appearance on the san mateo coast and santa cruz but it burned off pretty fast. now we have clear skies. it looks pretty good. we take a look at the fog. there it is. point reyes north. sonoma coast been dealing with fog. i'm sure there's a patch or two of clearing. the low which brought us a big cooling trend on monday has already wrapped itself into utah, salt lake city and the colorado rockies. speaking of hurricane marie, moving north, it moves into the cooler water. some of the higher clouds might drift to us as we head into friday and the weekend. i don't think we'll see anything out of that. 83 in livermore. 82 in fairfield. 70 in santa rosa. they had a little bit more low clouds up in the north bay here. 68 san francisco to 77 in san jose. the oakland airport, 73. los altos hills already at 81. lows about 3, 4 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. even la honda, 78. 78 in belmont with foster city
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a nice 77 a. a delta breeze has turned early. that's a sign of a streaming message that will be warmer. northwest concord to 20. northwest at oakland for some there is a billion breeze. for others, hardly anything. northwest sfo, northwest 17 at half moon bay. livermore the westerly component. there is a slight breeze. but water temperatures so very warm. 65 monterey. 65 half moon bay. it's not el nino. we had a southerly breeze for the longest time. hurricane marie will continue to weaken. some of that will kind of drift off out into the pacific and then just sit there for a while. have to keep an eye on it. it still might entrain into a system as it comes in later in the weekend. i doubt much happens. it looks liker tomorrow morning it won't be a hurricane anymore. 84 ukiah. a lot of 80ss, 90s, 100s through the interior. some of that fog will be back. but it looks shallow.
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warmer day today. mostly sunny. weak onshore breeze. sunshine and warmer temperatures. still fog. point reyes north. 90s for some well inland and temperatures way below average on monday didn't take long to get near average to above. sonoma 83. st. helena, 90 degrees. 93 brentwood out to oakley. 87 walnut creek. almost 90 for livermore. morgan hill, gilroy will be in there. san jose at 82 and 80 san mateo. half moon bay a beautiful 70 degrees and 72 in the city. that's three above average. we're getting that time of the year, september where the nicest weather shows up in san francisco. it looks good into thursday, friday. probably cooler by the weekend. >> so that hurricane is affecting southern california. you don't expect it to really to anything here? >> not too much here. there will be an increase in the swell. but only high clouds for us as far as any moisture. >> thank you, steve. another holiday weekend closure of interstate 28 a in
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san francisco starts -- 280 in san francisco starts tomorrow. the chp will shut down all northbound lanes in the downtown area at 2:00 p.m. crews will install replacement hinges to strengthen the overpass in the event of more seismic activity. northbound traffic will be detoured onto highway 101. lanes are scheduled to remain closed until 5:00 tuesday morning. all southbound lanes will remain open. a well-known san francisco mural is getting a face-lift. the big announcement about how the mural will be restored.
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stocks have been flat. taking a live look at the dow, up almost 10%. iphone may not be the only devis getting bigger. there's a report that they are working on an ipad with a larger screen. the next tablet will have a 12.9 screen. the current screen is smaller than 8 inches. pets owned by homeless people are getting some freebies in san jose. the animal and services division is providing free pet food and services for pets at story road. shelter officials decided that pets in the area needed help about a month ago after talking
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with people in the neighborhood. >> we were told there were puppies born who died from parvo. we decided that was a need we wanted to meet for the folks. after two years of talks, san francisco has finally given the go ahead to renovate an historic mural that serves as a gateway to the mission district. the iconic mural at 24th and south van ness showcases the mission and annual celebration. it was originally painted 32 years ago. the same four artists who painted it will be back up on scaffolding doing restoration work. >> i want to leave the mural exactly how it was. it's a reminder it's a part of history of what the mission was 32 years ago and still is as vibrant. >> that work has started and is expected to be completed by the end of october. we're working to learn more about a woman who died during
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the napa earthquake. her family believes the earthquake caused her death and the community is coming together to help them cope. tonight on the news at 5:00. and that is our report. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter. have yourself a great day.
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>> coming next, a dog falls into an icy river. plus, trying to save a horse stuck in a septic tank. and kids and animals helping each other. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc]


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